CoinMetro was founded by a team with a strong track record in the fintech and the finance industry. It was born from a desire to build financial products with a strong focus on community and user experience. With the vision of creating a new alternative future of finance CoinMetro launched a token offering in late 2017 that was backed by over 7000 contributors from all over the world.

CoinMetro started out as a crypto exchange but has evolved to become a financial ecosystem that is bringing its long term vision to life. CoinMetro is providing state of the art trading tools, instant fiat onboarding in three major fiat currencies (USD, GBP, EUR), easy fiat to crypto swaps and passive income products.

Recently we launched an investment platform that aims to level the playing field and give access to retail investors so they can invest in exciting new companies and create new generational wealth.
Tartu mnt 84a, Tallinn, Estonia
+372 6650272