Keystone Advisers

With the strongest commitment to professionalism and quality, we provide financial advisory services tailored to every engagement to our clients. Keystone Advisers combine corporate finance expertise with an in-depth understanding of the private equity industry. Equally critical for our clients is our collective international experience from corporate management as well as strategy development and implementation.

Keystone Advisers is a self-financed firm built on a strong partner team. Our route to establishing a sustainable company for the long term is to continuously deliver outstanding value to our clients, usually proven as the maximisation of the client’s long-term value creation. We have offices in Stockholm, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius.

Strong track record of completed projects

Since its founding in February 2000, Keystone Advisers has completed around 110 financial advisory projects. Examples of our clients are medium-sized enterprises, large technology corporates, growth companies, as well as owners of these companies, such as venture capitalists and buyout institutions.

Liivalaia 45
Tallinn, 10145

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