FinanceEstonia helped to promote e-residency in Nordic Business Forum

Nordic Business Forum is the largest business conference in Nordics and brings together more than 5000 people. FinanceEstonia participated the event for the second year in a row – this year the main focus was on supporting and promoting e-residency program together with EAS.

“The main idea is that 60% of people who apply for e-residency want to start or transfer their business here. The problem is that after the government has finished the paperwork, the foreigners still do not have a good idea how to operate in Estonian legal and business environment. This is where FinanceEstonia can help – we are connecting a lot of businesses that can support the investments, operations, developments and everything else a business needs. Being an official partner of e-residency program would benefit both e-residents and FinanceEstonia, and we are moving towards that track,” concluded FinanceEstonia Financial Technology Area Head Margus Simson.

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