TalTech is the only technological university in Estonia and the flagship of Estonian engineering and technical education. This is the place where synergy between different fields (technological, natural, exact, social and health sciences) is established. This is the place where new ideas are born. Take a closer look at the TalTech’s strategy.

Education from TalTech is highly appreciated worldwide. According to labour market studies, TalTech alumni are the most successful ones in Estonia. You can find TalTech alumni among entrepreneurs, executives, top specialists and experts, government officials, politicians and other prestigious fields.

TalTech is a research university where discoveries are transferred into studies and the real life through knowledge. TalTech has cooperation projects with the top 10 universities (Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, Harvard, etc.), scientists and companies (e.g. Microsoft, Google, IBM, ABB, etc.) of the world. TalTech also has a representative office in Silicon Valley, USA.

Ehitajate tee 5
Tallinn, 19086

Phone: +372 620 2002
Fax: +3372 620 2020
E-mail: info@ttu.ee